In the afterglow of a successful charity event which had raised over $10,000 for a poverty-stricken Israeli city, the Skate for Sderot team found themselves contemplating the various tasks that had to be spun to weave together an event with all the dozens of sponsors, participants and volunteers. It had been a small group of teenagers who had done it, but it had taken skills and patience from all fields, from advertising to social networking, from fact-checking to public speaking. And while many teenagers had the determination and interest in raising awareness or money for this cause or another, often the available pool of talent was somewhat restricted. Why not create a pool of this talent that can help those without access? There was a huge group of teens who had great ideas if only there was some backing - other teens who could design a website, check out on charities, help write a poster and provide advice on how to organize the myriad of details and coordinations necessary to get charity off the ground. Joe Teplow created a website and with this simple idea charity ideas began to flood in and the free access to talent began to tell with projects like Tie Dye Tuesday, Pizza Palooza, and Goals for Life. We've helped raise over $20,000 in our year of operating and with our revamped website and broader pool of talent hope for many teens to take advantage of the opportunity to help create change.


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